Creative. Unique. Brass Jewellery.

We love what we do

Thaavu is a place for women who seek to express themselves from their jewellery. You will find stylish, unique and creative designs which are affordable and easy to wear with any outfit. Let your personality shine through our brass jewellery.   


Maureen Mbithe

Thaavu came into being out of the frustration of buying earrings that would fade in a few wears. I am a minimalist who believes that style and fashion don’t have to be complicated.  

I saw myself in many women who were searching for the same thing; a woman who is modern, creative, expressive and isn’t afraid to be unique.  

Working from home for so many months due to the pandemic brought out the urge to get joy from the small things – and jewellery was one of them. That’s how Thaavu was born in 2021. 

To be a place where women can find pieces that not only bring out their personality but also their beauty in a stylish way.